Ahhhh, expectations!

While I have been exposed to a multitude of innovative tools and web lingo, and certainly learned to employ these with certain success, I can’t say that I am comfortable enough to create something I would be proud to show off on the internet. I have a certain ham-fisted approach to web design, which is an ugly way of saying I can create ugly websites, with limited, if any, functionality, that nobody would find useful. Sure, i can make a website with a calendar on it, and a calculator next to it that will generate multiples of 3…but can I conceive of  and build something original and desirable in the context of the Internet? The answer is no, and it’s because I don’t know how.


Salty in cat jail.

I’d like to be able to create an attractive, well built website that accomplishes something useful. For example, I’d like to create a music review website.


A History of Design and Coding; The Splendor of State Employment!

The company I work for (FSU, by proxy of FCIM) develops educational/instructive websites for various State of Florida entities. My role is multifaceted and I have worked with different kinds of websites in various capacities. This includes experience with html (of course!), css (writing rules and editing other people’s rules), a little bit o’ Javascript (ughhh…though i wish I knew it better…), some Flash (minimal), and a touch o’ VBscript, which I use to edit some aspects of certain .asp pages (mostly registration forms that send data to a database, which also uses Javascript and html to 1. send emails out to registered participants and 2. generate a confirmation page…this stuff is pretty neat, i just wish it wasn’t so mechanical).

I used to manage the IT department (3 people) and we collectively were in charge of supporting dozens of websites, including managing user info, identifying glitches, fixing code and diagnosing problems. Not to mention SQL queries and data entry.

I’ve also messed around and created sample pages for myself, mostly containing links and login info to IT pages I use once in a while (to help clients). These days, however, I’m not doing so much IT stuff anymore, and I predominantly do document editing, layout, production and Spanish translating. I must say that I do miss messing with code and breaking things.

Welcome to my first WordPress blog. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Welcome to my site. As of yet there is not much to look at, but by the end of this exercise there will be three things. These things will be readable, visible and not entertaining in the least, though they may be informative. Nonetheless, you will probably be bored, as the author is a boring soul, at least he is on the medium of abstraction. These words convey no meaning; they are part of a dutiful task, a homework assignment that must be accomplished without question. I saw the example, now I mimic; this is the end result. Simulacra…turtles, all the way down. Thank you and goodnight!


Atrocitus, putting books to good use.